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Nigunei Radomsk

The founder of the Chassidic Dynasty of Radomsk was Rabbi Shlomo HaCohen Rabinowicz ZT"L, author of the "Tiferes Shlomo" was also known as a great Baal Tfilah and composer of Chassidic music. He used to say: "New and beautiful nigunim for each holiday are just like a new and beautiful Esrog for Succoth."
The second Rebbe of Radomsk, the Chesed L' Avraham continued in the same way as his father.
The third Rebbe of Radomsk was the Knesses Yecheskiel. Although he did not possess the musical talent of his forefathers, music still played a prominent role in the Chassidus of Radomsk in his time.
The melodies presented here, from the Album 'Nigunei Radomsk' (Produced by Rabbi Chaskel Besser, and sung by Rabbi Chaim Adler) were sung at the Beth Hamidrash of last Rebbe, Rabbi Shlomo Chanoch's in Sosnowiec. Many of the nigunim are composed by the Tiferes Shlomo, the others were introduced by Chassidic composers and Baalei Tfilah.

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